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A solution for any car problems within 30 minutes

Call for a tow truck, an accident estimator, or an attorney who specializes in car accidents, and get the best prices for car repairs with just one free application!

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Assistance for drivers in any situation


All necessary auto repairs are always available

We can take care of your needs in any situation

  • Call a tow truck of your choice No need to call many tow truck services. The service closest to your location will come immediately. You receive the lowest possible fixed price.
  • Call a damage assessment expertThis person will assess the damage to your vehicle to avoid any problems with your insurance company and ensure you receive a fair recovery.
  • Consult an attorney who specializes in traffic casesPrompt online solutions for any issues, including assistance in case you have an accident, violation of traffic rules, and problems with your insurance company.
  • Request for repairPost your repair service needs on our app, and receive the best offer from car service centers.

Get the help you need as quickly as possible!

  • Call for a tow truck, an accident estimator, an attorney who specializes in car accidents, or a car repair service as well as many other services as soon as possibleSelect a service
  • Select time and location
    Executor will arrive on requested address
    Search for executor
  • An app will automatically connect you to the nearest executor Search for executor
  • Track the status of your order and be able to contact a claims expertStatus monitoring

Just five seconds to install for great benefits!

  • Profitable The lowest prices available for a tow truck, an accident estimator, or car repair services for savings up to 40%!
  • Fast Do not waste time or be nervous about finding an available tow truck or car expert on the Internet. A car expert will be available in no more than 30 minutes.
  • Convenient All car repair services can be found on our app and available 24/7.
  • Reliable Only contractors who have passed a thorough selection process are approved. Car experts and auto service centers have an independent rating.
  • Calm Quickly contact an attorney who specializes in car accidents, who will tell you what needs to be done.

User feedback

  • Vardan KirakosyanAfter my car was damaged in an accident, with the help of mobile app OSA GO, I was able to order a tow truck that arrived within 30 minutes and quickly took my car to a car repair service.
  • Oksana SokalI was involved in an automobile accident and applied to my insurance company to recover damages, but I was underpaid 1,500 EUR! Then I used the app to contact an independent inspector. He arrived within 30 minutes and inspected my car. I received the inspection report by phone the next day and sent it to my insurance company, which then gave me full compensation.
  • Inna ZhavridAfter I was in an automobile accident, I didn’t know what to do at first, but then I used the app to contact an attorney who specializes in car accidents. I received professional advice over the phone and then had my car repaired without any problems.

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